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Our Story...

The Vessel - Evangelist Angela U. Burns


"It is only by the grace of God why I am still here. Literally! And I acknowledge Him through my service and obedience to Him and promise to be more astute and resolute as I seek to fulfill His plans for my life. Yes, there were some people who were used as catalysts initially and along the way to support me in this ministry, and again I express my profound gratitude to you all. Thank you ever so much to those who are still here for me being blessed and strenghtened in your Christian walk. For what I have been through, the struggles - emotionally, physically and financially, were it not for my trust in God and His Strength, Provision, Wisdom, Guidance and Keeping Power, I know I would not have made it. So, I unapologetically give all glory to my God who gives me the victory, my God who always shows me His love, my God who has never and will never leave me nor forsake me, my God who constantly showers me with His blessings. All glory to my God who has ordained me for such a time as this. God, may I never fail you...again." 

Veteran Caribbean Media Professional Angela U Burns is a native of Montserrat where she started in the field of the media in 1985. Over the years, she has worked in Montserrat, Jamaica, and the Virgin Islands and as an international correspondent, on the radio as a journalist, announcer and owner; in print as a reporter and an editor; on television as a producer and manager; and on various social media platforms as founder, developer, content creator and owner/manager. 


Angela is the Chief Executive Officer of AUB Media House - a media consultancy agency established in 2002;  Managing Partner of ZJoyVI - a Christian radio ministry (registered BVI Business Company) started in 2014; and the visionary behind Too Worthy To Be Abused - a movement spurred by her experience with domestic violence which led to the publishing of her book of the same name in 2016. 


She is Licensed as an Evangelist and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Ministry, an Associates Degree in Business Administration and three Diplomas in Communication Skills, Public Relations and Social Media Strategy.


Angela aims to serve in every capacity under the divine influence of her CEO, Jesus Christ.

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The Journey Continues...

On July 4, 2014, we launched our radio station (then known as Joy Gospel Radio FM) and associated promotional features, including our website, social media pages, FREE APPS and Listen by Phone numbers.  ZJoyVI is a 24hr Online Gospel Radio Station established on Tortola, Virgin Islands, UK. 


Our ZJoyVI Family continues to grow!  We have recorded listenership/viewership from all continents of the world. Persons have come in from countries including the USA, UK, Canada, the Caribbean including Jamaica, St. Vincent and the Grenadies, Montserrat and the US Virgin Islands, Africa, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Estonia, Sweden, Iraq, and the Netherlands, to name a few.  


We are proud to be doing our part in the vineyard of the Lord through evangelism, prayer, encouragement and praise to our Most High God.  Become a part of our growing Family from across the world. Let us know where you're tuning in from during The Morning Joy Experience every weekday morning.

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